5 Things You Need To Have If You Want To Get Into PA School

If you have been a medical volunteer for some time, and want to expand your impact in the medical field, you may want to consider becoming a physician's assistant. Physician assistant school is not designed for those who didn't have the grades or test scores to become doctors. There are rigorous requirements for getting into physician assistant programs and schools. Here are a few traits you'll need to possess in order to get into a physician assistant's school.

Get Ahead At Work With Help From A Psychologist

Many people view counseling as a way to deal with marital issues or overcome challenges from your childhood, and while people can certainly experience positive results in these two areas, there are many other reasons to see a counselor. If you're currently experiencing career frustration — perhaps you can't get ahead at work or it seems as though everyone else in line for a promotion before you — it might be time to dive into the world of talk therapy.

It's All In Your Head: Clearing Up Mental Fog

You may find that it is increasingly more difficult to focus everyday. You find yourself easily confused or you often forget what you were originally thinking about. This is often referred to as brain fog and may be related to an underlying medical condition. Improving your general health and well-being through sleep and an improved diet can reduce brain fog. But it may also be related to how you think about the world and you may need to change your perspective to avoid brain fog.

3 Keys To Overcoming A Heroin Addiction

Heroin addiction can take control of your life. It affects you in ways you can't even imagine. For many, they fall into what seems like a bottomless hole they cannot escape. It feels like there is no hope. But, there is always hope if you are willing to take action and do your part to aid in your own recovery. To begin the process of kicking your addiction and regaining control of your health and well-being, start with these three keys below.