5 Things You Need To Have If You Want To Get Into PA School

If you have been a medical volunteer for some time, and want to expand your impact in the medical field, you may want to consider becoming a physician's assistant. Physician assistant school is not designed for those who didn't have the grades or test scores to become doctors. There are rigorous requirements for getting into physician assistant programs and schools. Here are a few traits you'll need to possess in order to get into a physician assistant's school. 

#1 A Bachelor's Degree

If you want to get into PA school, you stand your best chance of being accepted by obtaining your bachelor's degree first. Some applicants get into PA school who just have an associate's degree or who have not yet obtained a formal degree, but they represent a small percentage of accepted applicants. If you know being a PA is where you want your career path to go, you should first get a bachelor's degree. You should try to focus your degree within the science or health fields.

Many PA schools require that you took specific science courses, such as microbiology, physiology, chemistry, and biology.

#2 4 Years Hands-On Clinical Experience

Next, most PA programs are looking for individuals who have hands-on experience in the healthcare field. Although the years of experience that they are looking for vary, you can strengthen your application by having at least four years of hands-on clinical experience before you apply for PA school. This experience can be obtained through volunteering and/or paid positions.

#3 Above Average GRE Score

Many PA schools require you to take the GRE and submit the scores along with the application. You can strengthen your chances of being accepted by studying and striving for an above average score for the school you want to get into. Many schools publish information about what the average GRE score and average GPA is of their incoming class of freshmen; look for this information and try to aim for an above average score for the schools you are interested in applying for.

#4 Above Average SAT Score

Some PA schools also ask that you submit your SAT scores from high school. Although there is nothing you can do now to change what your scores were, having strong SAT scores can strengthen your application.

#5 High GPA

Finally, any PA schools you apply to will look at your GPA. Ideally, you should have above a 3.0 if you want to seriously get into any post-bachelorette program. Many PA schools will divide your GPA into two categories: your general GPA and your GPA in science and health courses. Although both scores should be strong, if one is higher, it should be your GPA within your science and health courses.

Having all of the traits listed above will not guarantee you admission to PA school; however, having a combination of the traits listed above will give you a better chance of gaining admission to the PA school of your choice. 

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