The Focus Of Pilot Substance Abuse Treatment

If you are a pilot, you know the stress of the job. It's not easy to work under such demanding hours, especially when you are also dealing with personal issues and mental health concerns. There is a reason why many pilots experience substance abuse disorder, and you are not alone if this has been your experience as well.

If you are thinking about participating in a pilot substance abuse treatment program, there are a few things you should know about what the group will focus on.


One of the major focuses of a substance abuse treatment program will involve honesty. Denial is incredibly common among those with substance abuse disorder, and sometimes it takes a lot of work to even gain self-honesty. These programs are designed to help you develop more honesty with yourself and others.

Empathy & Self-Awareness

Programs also encourage you to consider others. This involves learning how substance abuse impacts those in your life, including those in the workplace and at home. You will learn not only to focus on your own recovery but also to consider how your disorder and recovery will impact others.


Often, substance abuse disorder is associated with self-esteem and confidence. When you focus on building yourself up, you can build coping skills rather than mechanisms that can make you feel worse.


Stronger communication can make a difference when it comes to substance abuse disorder. When you can express yourself to others and yourself, you may find that dealing with stressors at work and home is much easier.

Treatment of Other Disorders

In some cases, it is also important that you address co-occurring disorders when you are living with substance abuse disorder. For example, getting treatment for anxiety and depression may also be helpful for your treatment journey.


In many cases, people benefit from refocusing on the family during treatment for substance abuse disorder. Integrating the whole family is often beneficial because it allows everybody in the family to learn healthy habits. Substance abuse can impact the entire family, but so can healthy and effective treatment.

Consider Treatment for Pilot Substance Abuse

If you believe you would benefit from joining a substance abuse program, joining a program designated for pilots can make a significant difference. Those in the treatment program will understand your specific struggles, and professionals will be able to help you through the challenges poses by your job. for more information, contact a service like Lehigh Valley Counselors.