Are You About To Be A New Dad And Worried About Your Substance Abuse? 3 Tips To Get Sober Before Your Baby Is Born

Becoming a father is a huge life event that has you looking at things from a new perspective. While you might not have worried too much about your substance use in the past, you are now worried that it'll interfere with your ability to be a good parent. Unfortunately, addiction can cause conflicts with your parenting responsibilities since misusing drugs or alcohol can cause you to lose your job, get in trouble with the law, and even overlook things such as being home when your kid needs you. The good news is that just thinking about your substance abuse is a great first step toward greeting sober, and these three tips will help you start your new healthier lifestyle.

Create a Support Network

Admitting that you have a problem with drugs or alcohol is hard. However, you will likely find that there are many people out there who want to help. To get sober, you will need to let go of any negative influences in your life, such as the friends that you use drugs or drink with. This means that you might have large gaps in your social circle that need to be filled with positive people who embrace sobriety. If you haven't yet, then talk to your partner, siblings, and old friends to begin building a group of people that encourage you to stay on track with your treatment.

Seek Outpatient Care

With a baby on the way, you are likely very busy trying to provide support to the mother. You may also be trying to work extra hours and do things like fix up the nursery. Naturally, all of these things need to be done, but don't let it be a barrier to getting professional treatment. If you can't take time out of your busy schedule for an overnight stay in rehab, then consider outpatient substance abuse treatment. With this type of care, you are home every night so that you can continue to manage your responsibilities.

Explore New Hobbies

One of the fun parts of being a dad is being able to pass down skills to your little one as they grow. As you work through your substance abuse treatment, you will start to notice how much time there is in the day when you don't drink or do drugs. Use this extra time to cultivate new interests. Whether you start hiking or woodworking, you'll feel motivated to stay sober and start developing new skills that make you an even better parent.

For more information, contact an outpatient substance abuse treatment center.