Angry That Your Spouse Lost Weight And You Didn't? Try Adult Counseling

If you and your spouse decided to lose weight together, but they lost weight and you didn't, you may feel angry towards them for succeeding when you couldn't. Instead of taking your anger out on your spouse, sign up for adult counseling services. When couples choose to lose weight together, they may set the same type of standards to achieve their goals. Although this can be a positive way to do something together as a couple, you may not lose weight at the same time as your spouse, even if you consumed the same foods or exercised the same amount each day. One of the things adult counseling can do for you is help you realize that your body is different from your loved one's body.

Understand Why Men and Women Lose Weight Differently

Men tend to lose weight faster than women when they first start an exercise and diet plan. However, once men reach their initial goals, their bodies slow down and it takes them longer to reach the rest of their goals. Eventually, you would've caught up with your spouse during your weight loss goals.

According to a number of sources, women also have more body fat than men, because they have the potential to become pregnant. In order to prepare for pregnancy, women carry extra weight around their hips, thighs, breasts, and several other body areas. This is why a number of women find it difficult to lose weight in these body areas. 

Men typically have more muscle tissue than fat in the body areas listed above, because they don't have to experience pregnancy and childbirth. Men don't need the extra fat storages, so they typically lose weight faster than women.

Once you understand that why you didn't lose weight as fast as your loved one, you can reach out to your spouse for positive reinforcement.

Learn to Reach Out to Your Spouse

Your spouse can help you get through your weight loss goals by offering positive and encouraging words when you don't want to push yourself harder. Your spouse can also help you develop a new strategy to lose weight. You may decide to change how you eat and exercise to lose weight. 

In addition, your spouse can attend adult counseling sessions with you. The sessions may help your partner understand why you directed your anger toward them and how you plan to change that behavior. If your spouse felt alone and saddened during the times you behaved angrily toward them, the sessions may give them a chance to express those feelings without the fear of retaliation from you.

For more information about adult counseling and how it can help you overcome your anger, contact a counselor today.